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Direct Wall Mounting Kit - Fix

Direct Wall Mounting Kit - Fix

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Base Price:€8,47€10,25
Referentie: WMK-01
Taal: UK

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Made with high-grade anodised steel, this weather-resistant, easy-to-install 2-piece bracket is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Compliant with VESA standards, the durable WMK-01 can accommodate any display up to 18.0 kg. The WMK-01 is perfect for single and multi-monitor environments including retail, healthcare, finance, and public spaces where space is at a premium.


  • Easy-to-install 2-piece bracket design
  • Space saving thin-profile design
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Anodised surface prevents rust
  • Compliant with VESA FPMPMI standards
  • Suitable for a wide variety of indoor/outdoor environments
  • Accommodates LCD displays up to 18.0 kg (40.0 lbs)