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Raid Controller Perc H730p Integrated 2GB Nv Cache Cus Kit

Raid Controller Perc H730p Integrated 2GB Nv Cache Cus Kit

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Referentie: 405-AAEK
Taal: UK

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Enterprise data protection
Standard support for the most popular RAID levels and accessories, including RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 50,RAID 60 and NV Cache, further strengthen the data protection capabilities of the PERC H730P. Dell's NV Cache technology backs up the data to non-volatile memory in a power-loss event and can store it safely for a nearly unlimited period of time.

Intuitive RAID management
Managing the PERC H730P is easy using the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
with Lifecycle Controller. Without having to deploy an agent, IT admins can configure, deploy, update and monitor the PERC H730P via the GUI or Dell's CLI (known as RACADM). Additionally, Dell's oneto- many OpenManage Essentials console allows a user to perform storage operations across multiple servers, including RAID controllers as well as physical disks in the PowerEdge system and external enclosures.

Benefits include:
- iDRAC automatically creates and executes jobs for each storage configuration operation
- Customer can reboot the host OS automatically or schedule reboot for a later date.
- PERC H730P supports real-time RAID monitoring and hardware inventory.

iDRAC incorporates Dell OpenManageT Storage Services (OMSS) to provide the tools to efficiently manage PERC products, including a pre-boot setup utility and a full spectrum of online RAID management utilities. This suite of applications allows administrators to adjust SAS or SATA topology views from the system host down to the logical and physical drive level. Extending to enterprise deployments, these tools can scale to easily configure, monitor and manage RAID and JBOD volumes locally or over the LAN network.


Supported hard disk drive interfacesSAS, Serial ATA III
Host interfacePCI Express x8
PCI Express slots version3.0
RAID levels0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
SSD supportNo
Built-in processorSAS 3108
Processor familyLSI
CompatibilityPowerEdge R630
PowerEdge R730
PowerEdge R730XD
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes